Ngari Institute Foundation




Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics is a non-governmental organization based in the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh, in a small village called Saboo. The campus is spread over 20 hectares of desert land, which eventually will be turned into an oasis of learning.

Ladakh has a strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism for over centuries. The simple and harmonious life styles of the people show how deeply the rich Buddhist principles of love and compassion are part of all Ladakhis.

The main goal of the Institute is to empower and enrich monks and lay persons, especially the youth, by providing a balanced learning experience of both modern scientific knowledge and ancient Buddhist wisdom, thus helping them to become efficient and productive citizens.

Under the leadership of its current President, Geshe Tsewang Dorje, an eminent Buddhist scholar and practitioner, the Institute has experienced fast-pace growth in the enrollment of underprivileged children from the surrounding Ladakh region. The Institute currently provides free education, food and shelter for 58 children, with promise to keep educating them until graduation from high school level. The children mainly come from the following background:

  • Orphans,
  • Children of single parents,
  • Children from poor families with many children,
  • Children with parents, who have little to no income.

In addition to providing education and shelter to under privileged children of Ladakh, the Institute also sponsors programs in Buddhist philosophy for university-level students, who visit Ladakh for summer vacation. Looking toward the future, the Institute is planning on providing higher Buddhist philosophical studies to monks and lay practitioners comprised of both local and foreign students. 

Aerial view of Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics

The Institute is currently focusing on constructing the remainder of the campus in phases.

The 2030 vision of the campus

List of the existing buildings

  1. The Main Office, Girls’ Hostel, Kitchen
  2. The Boys’ Hostel,
  3. The Monks’ Resident Hall,
  4. The Norling Guest House,
  5. The “Good Life” Clinic,
  6. The Classrooms,
  7. The Library,
  8. The Basketball Court.

List of the buildings under construction

  1. The Main Temple / Meditation Center (Ngari Jamgom Shedrup Thekchog Ling Monastery),
  2. Ten small facilities for individual silent retreat,
  3. The new Dining Hall for children.

List of future projects

  1. Construction of internal roads within the campus,
  2. Construction of new/additional class rooms,
  3. Construction of new Girls’ Hostel,
  4. Upgrade existing Boys’ Hostel,
  5. New landscaping and irrigation system,
  6. Construction of a Museum,
  7. Children Food Fund,
  8. Library Books Fund,
  9. Computer for Classrooms Fund.

The cost to maintain the existing structures and to complete the ongoing and future construction projects is extremely high. In order to achieve our goals and visions, we appeal to your financial support. Any support, regardless of the amount, is very much appreciated by the Institute. You can make the donations directly to Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics through its web site “” or through Ngari Institute Foundation and enjoy the tax-exempt benefit.