Ngari Institute Foundation

Butter Lamp Offering

Excerpt from Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics’ announcement:

Butter lamp offering symbolized the way of eliminate darkness and ignorance. Offering butter lamps to the Statue of Buddha and bodhisatvas are said to bring positive virtue to away the ignorance and bring in wisdom. With each lamp offering, celebrate the enlightenment of Buddha and also bring good fortune for oneself.

Last year Geshe Tsewang Dorje offered two hundred thousand of lamps at Jamgon Shedrup Thekchog Ling Monastery, in which we have 1000 Buddha Statue. This year again Geshe la suggested for one hundred thousand lamp offer from Dec – 4 to Jan 5, 2022.

This offering is for dedicating for the wellbeing and long life of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and all other great masters. Dedication also goes to all the benefactors and supporter of Ngari Institute. It’s also for the complete end of pandemic and natural disasters that happening on this planet.

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