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Drolma Yuldrok Prayer

Drolma Yuldrok is the supreme prayer of the 21 Tara Puja, and, when recited once, purifies all the physical debts of the past life and dispels all kinds of diseases and obstacles. It cures through very peaceful means, and hence it is very effective and beneficial to the entire society.

From June 20 to June 21, 2021, Geshe la conducted the Drolma Yuldrok Prayer at Ngari Institute, Saboo Village, Ladakh, with many invitees joining the sangha. The puja was dedicated to

1. quickly ending the pandemic and increasing the well-being of all of society;
2. quickly eliminating financial crises and bringing peace and prosperity; and
3. bringing universal peace and happiness, as well as long and healthy lives to all the sponsors, supporters, and friends of Ngari Institute.

(Edited by Barbara Resch)

Click on the below links to watch videos of the Drolma Yuldrok Prayer:

Drolma Yuldruk Prayer at NIBD (video 1)

Drolma Yuldruk Prayer at NIBD (video 2)

Drolma Yuldruk Prayer at NIBD (video 3)

Drolma Yuldruk Prayer at NIBD (video 4)

Drolma Yuldruk Prayer at NIBD (video 5)