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Thinley Angmo (Class 10)

My Experience of 2020

Coronavirus: A deadly disease spread all over the world. Lockdown was the only option left with many countries. India also adopted the idea of lockdown. As coronavirus is a communicable disease, we were advised to maintain social distance and we were told to wear a mask wherever we go. Our schools were closed for a month at first but then unfortunately it extended to 1 year. It was my first experience to stay at home for a long time. We had our online classes of all subjects. I am sure no one would have ever imagined that 2020 would be a black year for all of us. Millions of people died due to coronavirus throughout the world.

During lockdown, I was in my village, Igoo. My experience was really good in my village. I am going to share some of those experiences. The first five days of lockdown were the best days of my life. No studies, no notebooks, no books; it was so much fun. After that, we were informed that we are going to have online classes. At first, I was excited for it. But after some time, it started to get boring. I still attended my classes regularly. We were taught three subjects a day. I started to hate lockdown, but the main reason was not studies, the main reason was that there were no children in my neighborhood of my age. I had no friends to play with. I started to stay inside the house all day long. I started to play indoor games. But it also bored me after some days.

Then my sisters visited me. It was them who cheered me up during the pandemic. They were at my home for a long time as their flight got cancelled. One of my best experiences was when it was my younger sister’s birthday but we were not allowed to go to market. So, there was no cake for her birthday. So, we were not happy, but then, my older sister came up with an idea. The idea was that we will make a cake at home. So, we watched a video on the recipe of cake on YouTube. We went to buy some stuff at a local shop. We brought Oreo cookies, a packet of milk, some dry fruits, etc. We at first put the cookies in the mixer to turn it into powder. After that, we put milk in the cookie powder to turn it into a dough. We put some dry fruits on the top and we baked it. After that, we surprised her with the cake. She was so happy. She nearly cried. We spent quality time together. It was my first experience to make a cake at home. It was so much fun. She got some presents from our neighbors. Another good experience was when my grandpa visited me. He was in Delhi till now. We spent such a good time together. He told me his experiences in Delhi. Even though 2020 was a black year for the world, for me it was a golden year.

My Experience of Year 2020

As we all know, the year 2020 was the worst year ever. All over India the lockdown started from March 2020, and also in Leh, from 7th of March, all the schools and offices were closed, and from 19-20 March a strict lockdown has been proposed in Leh. At the initial stage, we all were so scared of it and, like everyone, we also went to our village, thinking that there might be safer than the town. So, on 19 March we went to our village, Kargyam, where I had spent almost one month. Later I got to know that all the schools were taking classes online and though I couldn’t get into our school online classes at first, I started going to our village Wi-Fi and started studying from YouTube. Most of the time, I went there and did notes of chapters which I had learned. Later on in the middle of April, I heard about Leh.

When I was in my village, I got to see many new things which I had seen for the first time in reality. I saw how they do their farming activities like spreading fertilizers, seeds and many more. In that one month, I spent my special moments with all my families together, and that was the best part of my life ever. At that time, I also visited my cousin’s house and we spent almost a week together.
Diskit Dolker (Class 10)

There I went to see the old house of our grandpa. After that, I came back to Leh again with my sister and stayed there. We never went to shop nearby us, as we were so scared of buying things, so we used to bring all the necessary goods from my sister’s shop from our village. Later, my mom, brothers and sister also came to Leh one by one, and after that we stayed in Leh till now. Then with the help of Gen Yeshi la, I got the numbers of my respective teachers and joined the online classes.

When I was in Kargyam, Gen Yeshi la used to send all needed things to me, and I am very thankful for that. We celebrated my birthday for the first time with my families. They ordered cake for me and they also presented me with gifts. That was one of my special days in world, and I think my first time cutting a cake, and that day I wished that in lockdown people have food for eating. I prayed to Triple Gems that those people who have no food for eating, those people need food to eat, and also I wished to Triple Gems don’t take away our family smiles and happiness to stay together forever. Most of the time, I used to dance with my siblings every night and felt so relaxed and happy, and also I called my class teacher to add me to the group of class 10 and I joined the online class in time, and the teacher called it class X in school.

And the teacher advised us to study hard. I didn’t miss any classes online, and my class teacher said to make a social project. I started my social project on money and credit, and my teacher, sister and my family were helping me to finish my project on time and with buying things. Thank you all very much, and please always support me; thank you for helping me every day. Then I missed my Ngari housemates and classmates too, and also I called Gen Yeshi la, saying that I am coming to Ngari to take my notebooks and uniform. I met Gen Yeshi la. Gen la was very happy to meet me again after a long time, and I was too. And in lockdown, I helped my parents with everything like cooking, washing, etc. In the end, I am very happy to see you all.

Yangchan Dolma (Class 10)

How I Spent My Time during the Lockdown

The coronavirus disease had spread around the world in March 2020. So, all the schools and offices were closed. And it was my first experience to stay at home for a long period. So, now I share some experiences which I have done during the pandemic situation. In this period, I got enough time for self-study as well as attending online classes. This year, I had difficult self-studies. Anyway, I have done my best. Also I got new experiences from my mother and neighbors, which is farmers’ work, cooking, etc., that I have not done before in my life. And my opinion on farmers’ work is that it is also very, 

very important for surviving in the world. I also had difficulty at farming work, but it was also part of knowledge. And also before lockdown, I didn’t know how to cook, but slowly, slowly I learned it with my sister, mother and friends with fun. And I also had a good opportunity to give tuitions [instruction] for my younger brother and sisters. That time, I also knew so many things from them. And also, much of the time I spent with them. I really enjoyed very much being with them. So, in July we went to the mountains to trek for two days at Egoo Tso (Egoo Lake) with my childhood friends. It was my first tour with my friends. I really enjoyed very much that day, and it was my memorable day in my life.

In December, we had winter holiday, and at that time I also got a big opportunity to go to tuition for one month and 15 days at Thiksey Monastery. So, there teachers were very good and their colleagues were very good and they always supported us in this COVID-19 situation. There I got many new friends from different schools. I also got much knowledge from them. So, at the end of February, I heard news that 10th grade is opening in the schools from March 2nd. So, I came to my second home, Ngari, on February 28th. So, that’s all my experience during this COVID-19 situation.

My Experience on Lockdown 2020

I am an intermediate student. I want to share my experience on the COVID-19 lockdown and unlock student life. During this coronavirus time, being a student has advantages and disadvantages. I was initially happy to spend time with family. The best time to spend was with my grandparent, cousins, mother, father, and other relatives, as there is ample time to spend. Moreover, everyone is doing work from home.

I realized that lockdown gave me more time to do things I love. I started cooking, drawing and writing. I started spending more time with my family.

In March 2020, all the schools closed, and all the students went back home. In April, our online class started, and we started studying and writing homework.All the time is inside the home, and we were bored and watching TV, dancing and playing inside the home.

Our parents do not go outside because the coronavirus is dangerous for our family, and when we go outside we wear a mask and keep social distance. That is all my experience.

Phunchok Angmo (Class 10)
Stanzin Wangtak (Class 10)

My Experience in 2020

One year ago, in the year 2020, on March 1st, when our school opened after three months [of winter break], we were happy and excited to go in our new class and wanted to meet classmates and new teachers. But suddenly after six days, our school closed because of COVID-19.


From March 10th, all schools were closed and the office also. “HOLIDAY” is the word of seven letters that makes everyone feel extremely happy and excited, whether they be rich or poor,

students or teachers, businessmen or workers. Most of the students are awaiting holidays, and when they celebrate it, they become overwhelmed or overjoyed. There is no one who does not feel the eagerness to enjoy it. Holidays are also vital for the human mind. In cases when people feel tired after their work, such as teaching, study, work, etc., they demand holidays.

People understand that holidays are necessary for those people who continue their work without break. In the start of holidays, we feel happy because we get a short period of holiday which makes people feel comfortable. There is no boundary where people can stop enjoying. But slowly, slowly we get a lonely kind of holiday which makes us feel bored, and that is because of COVID-19.


In 2020, because of COVID-19, I know how important health is for us. It is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind. We should keep our body healthy. And a healthy person can take care of others. If we are not healthy, then how can we take care of other unhealthy persons– everybody needs to take care of their health. If we eat fresh foods and maintain a timetable, we become healthy. When we go outside for playing or marketing, we should wash our hand always and our eyes. Eyes help us to see everything. We can read with our eyes. We should take care of our eye safety. Eyes are the most important organ of our body.

When we go outside, we should have to wear mask correctly and also wear gloves because most of the germs enter into our body by the nose. The nose helps, as in breathing oxygen to live. The nose helps us to smell, and it also helps us to smell good food items. We should not smoke; it causes cancer and it also affects our breathing. We should give up bad habits like smoking and drinking; because of this, most of the people die. Health care is the most important and valuable work for us. So take care of health: “Health is wealth.”

Importance of Family

You are so great for me. You had taught me how to behave with others, you ran to help me when I fell and got hurt. You love and care for me. I will remember your kind advice, you always ask me to study hard, your kind words always taught me similarly when I am in difficulty and sad. You solve my problem and you make me happy. You are God and you are my everything. I will never forget your kind advice. I will remember your kindness. I hope I can repay you when you grow old. You sacrifice every day for me. I am very happy to say that you gave me such good advice, how to respect elders and teachers. I am very thankful to God to give me a great family like that. I keep you in my mind and soul. I miss you and I love you so much every day.

When I always remember you, my eyes get filled with tears. I understand that. In the world there is nothing more precious than family. If we lost something, it may be found again, but if we lost our family and friends, then we can never get good family and friends in our life.

Lockdown Experience of COVID-19 in 2020

On 27-2-2020, the 1st day before I’m going to Ngari House, the moon was gone and the sun was shining. I think about that day, when schools would start from March 1st, and I would meet with my school friends, hostel friends and teachers and I would enjoy this [upcoming] nine months with them. The next day, I went to the hostel, I met my friends and on March 1st I went to school. But on March 10th, when we had three days of holiday, all schools were closed because of COVID-19. On March 24th, all states, the Union Territory, cities and villages were in lockdown. I stayed in Ngari Hostel. I helped others. In my life, this is the first time these things happened.

This is the first time I knew what was a virus, lockdown, isolation, quarantine, etc. In lockdown, I gave water to plants, trees and flowers, and when fruits were grown, I also ate them. In our hostel, many fruits were grown like apricot, apple, cherry and walnut. In this lockdown, I learned and did my homework online and also took my exam online.

Lobzang Stanzin (Arjun) (Class 10)

In lockdown, I thought of all the people who died, and the people who were left, but we are lucky that we are alive. I thought in lockdown that the COVID-19 vaccine would come soon, but it took one year. In this lockdown, I also assisted Geshe Tsewang la to offer 100,000 water bowls that is daily offered in brass cups, and to offer butter lamps to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and all the ten directions Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and all mother sentient beings. Today also the lockdown isn’t finished. But in this lockdown, I learned something, which was “We don’t know when we die,” which I learned before as people were all the time saying, “We don’t know when we die,” but I neglected it, but this is the first time I saw this was practical.

(Edited for clarity and consistency by Barbara Resch.)