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Written by:
Wangskit Dolker - Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics’ Student

Editorial Disclaimer: This writing may be edited for clarity or length at the editor’s discretion for the convenience of our readers.

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Note by Wangskit: “Sorry if there are mistakes because the poem was composed by myself, but I hope you all enjoy it. First the most important things to say.”

Sorry for the bad behavior,

as colorless as the wind.

Sorry, for not listening,

as dumb as a statue.

You all are the one, who protects us from every danger,

You all are the one who is faithful as a dog.

You all are like our parents, as sweet as honey.

We all are family members, as true as steel.

As I am stupid as donkey, doing bad work.

Oh My God! What have I done?

The monks and the staff, as wise as the saints

Working harder and harder for us, but we are invisible as air.

The monks are the only ones, who solved our problem.

In every second and every time, as fair as a rose.

I thought I have been a bad student to you all, but you are the best,

as patient as the hill.

Whenever I saw you,

You all had a big smile on your face,

and I saw you were talking happily with us students.

You all are useful as a cow,

and we never forget your blessing!

Thank you, to make us happy life here,

Thank you, to make us comfortable here,

Thank you, to give whatever we want,

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart – which is necessary to say aloud.

On behalf of NIBD students, I would like to say Happy Teacher’s Day, and thank you the sponsors for supporting us. Without taking much of your time, may you have a long and happy life!

Composed by Wangskit Dolker, Class 9th.