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Lamp Offering at Ngari Institute

Dear supporters of Ngari Institute, Jamgon Shed Drup Thick Chok Ling Gompa,

It is again time for the annual light offering! So far, we have collectively offered 300,000 lights in the past two years.

This year Geshe Tsewang intends to offer another 200,000 lights starting on 7th Dec 2022 till 5th Feb 2023. Both dates are full moon days in the Tibetan calendar. This will encompass 2023 New Year, 1st till the 15th day of Lunar New Year.

The new butter lamp house in Ngari has been completed for this occasion. You can see that we now have a very nice environment for this offering as compared to previous years where construction was in progress.

Thank you once again for your participation and kind support. May the new year be a better and auspicious one for the world.

Geshe la Tsewang
Ngari Institute
Leh Ladakh

Benefit of the Lamp Offering

By making light offerings, you are able to dispel the darkness of ignorance and achieve wisdom. Light means understanding, because light represents wisdom. And light removes and dispels misunderstanding. All of our sufferings come from not knowing and not seeing. Offering lights or butter lamps indirectly removes confusion. Moreover, to be successful in life, we need to have clear ideas and a good understanding. And we should not just believe that success and good results are based on luck. Instead, when we have problems, we search for a clear understanding and the wisdom to solve those problems.

We often hear about large offerings like 100,000 butter lamps. The effect of making large offerings is immense. Large offerings reduce obstacles and achieve big results.

Another benefit of these offerings is being born in a higher rebirth, in a pure land. We quickly achieve nirvana, and not only nirvana, but also the great nirvana, enlightenment.

The traditional offerings are butter lamps. But we can also use candles and lanterns. Nowadays, especially inside buildings, we often use electric or battery-operated lights.

When we make light offerings, just as when we engage in any other virtuous activity, we begin by generating the correct motivation. Therefore, we pause before we start our offerings to recall the vast attitude of Bodhicitta.

Cost of Each Offering

The cost of sponsoring the lamp remains the same. I have grouped them as follows to simplify the calculation:

50 lamps for $5/-
100 lamps for $10/-
500 lamps for $50/-
1,000 lamps for $100/-

The registration is open from now till 15 December 2022. This is to facilitate me to compile the name list to be sent to Ngari Institute for daily dedication.

To simplify matters please just indicate the party that you like this merit to be dedicated to in your list.

About Ngari Institute

Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics is located in the Himalayan kingdom of the Union Territory of Ladakh, in a small village called Saboo. The campus is spread out over 20 hectares of desert land, which eventually will turn into an oasis of learning for orphaned children and needy students.

The main aim of this organization is to empower and enrich poor and needy students from remote areas by imparting the combined learning of modern scientific knowledge and ancient Buddhist studies.

Jamgom Shedrup Thegchog Ling is our newly constructed temple and a center for learning and meditation. Its main statues are Lord Buddha, Je Rinpoche, and Atisha, with 1,000 Buddha paintings on the walls.

(Edited by Barbara Resch)